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Title: The Cabin
Author: Ann
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Serena/Abbie
Challenger: [livejournal.com profile] eclecticfan
Challenge: Any pairing, anywhere, blizzard
Written also for the P&P 1001 Nights Challenge - deceit
Disclaimer: No ownership, simply a bit of fluff.
AN1: Takes place immediately after Branch fired Serena.
AN2: I moved Branch’s DA timeline by one year.
Special thanks to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] mrswoman for the beta. Any errors due to changes made after the beta belong solely to me.

Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] passion_perfect

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TITLE: Uniform Violations

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM: JAG/L&O (Mac/Abbie Carmichael)

CHALLENGE: Texas, pickles (sazmojo) and ten gallon hat (darandkerry)

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, just fun....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: kimly commented before Christmas that she thought Mac needed to go travelling...not sure how long I (or Mac come to that) can sustain this rate of adventure though....

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TITLE: Cinema Outing

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM & PAIRING: Serena/someone (it's a surprise) & Alex/Olivia

DISCLAIMERS: not mine, no profit, just fluff

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Who's the joke really on?

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Title: A Wish Come True
Author: Ann
Fandom: Law and Order
Challenger:  [personal profile] ncruuk
Challenge: Abbie/someone, sidewalk, cowboy boots
Disclaimer: No ownership, simply fluff
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Title: An Unexpected Visitor
Author: Ann
Challenger: [personal profile] ralst’s A State of Undress Fic-a-thon
Challenge: Serena Southerlyn/North Carolina
Disclaimer: No ownership, simply fluff
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TITLE: Slice of Lemon with your Cruiser, Officer?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGE: umm, to fluff Mac in every State...oh, and citrus fruit in a police cruiser....

CHALLENGER: only I would be mad enough to volunteer someone for this...

DISCLAIMERS: not mine, no profit, just fluff....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: It may help if you've read 'A blonde walked into a laptop...' or it may not *g*

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Title: A Grand Plan
Author: Ann
Challenger: [personal profile] ralst’s “A State of Undress Fic-a-thon”
Challenge: The great state of Texas welcomes home one of its own, Abbie Carmichael
Disclaimer: No ownership, simply fluff
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RANDOM FLUFF: A blonde walks into a laptop....

A conversation, transcribed, between a writer and a frustrated character....

(this is randomness for profitless fun - I'm just playing....)

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TITLE: Is this the...?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGE: There isn't one, it's a new category....the fluff epic (it had to happen eventually....)....this is part 1, or introduction.

PAIRINGS/FANDOMS: Ah, can I get back to you on that? Suffice to say, I think there are 10 so far (if you count SVU as different to mothership....)...so, if you like femslash, give it a go...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm hitting new heights of randomness....this is in the same non-universe/big knot in the space-time continuum that allowed me to write 'Scissor Sisters' the other week....just leave your disbelief at the coat check please? Oh, and it's inspired by the opening scene of Mr & Mrs Smith...if you've seen the film, you'll know what I'm talking about....

SUMMARY: Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime....

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